Why iPhone XS Is SO Expensive. Tim Cook Explains..

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The iPhone XS Is UNDERPRICED? Tim Cook Explains Insane Pricing Of New iPhone XS & XS Max Up To $1449.

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iPhone XS vs X:
iOS 12 Final Review:

Tim Cook Interview:
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  1. It may have replaced all of those gadgets but so did the iPhone years ago when it was at most 600 pounds. Other companies are doing the same for much cheaper. It's just greed and they're taking the piss out of their customers. Selling the best? Enjoy your 5 watt lightning charger…

  2. Seriously its 30 bucks a month with your cell phone carrier and 1 dollar a day you guys spend more money on a mcdonalds… starbucks …cofee.. frappucinos.. and 12 dollar panda exrpess etc subway food and what about from the food court. Almost anyone in the world even people on welfare can afford a dollar a day Its worth it

  3. Greatest smartphone inovations of all time:

    Samsung: Ultrasonic FP
    Huawei: Mate X folding phone
    Oppo: 10x Zooming Camera
    Vivo: Dual Display
    Xiaomi: Bezeless display
    Apple: $999 monitor stand (Also Touch Screen XD)

  4. Of course, the iPhone has it's ups and downs, but it doesn't worth over a $1.000!!! Hell, no! The evolving is natural, but the Xs doesn't do much more than a iPhone 8 does… the Xs has really greater dynamic range on photos and videos and a really advanced tecnology to fold the display for no chin, but, does those 2 things (I know, theres the new chipset and blablabla, but that doesn't costs that much more than previous ones) put that much more real value on this phone? People are paying for the brand, not for the phone. Yeah, there is people that doesn't leave IOS for personal reasons, but that's IOS, not iPhone Xs. That's just my opinion, I'm not saying that my vision is the one and only truth. Hope I'm not misundertood. Peace

  5. I totally disagree lol. Filip, I'm brazilian, and Apple just f*cks with it's products price here. In US, the base iPhone Xs costs $1.000 right? Here, in Brazil, it costs R$7.300 ($1.936 approximately). The equivalent would be R$3.770 (with taxes), almost half of the real price here.

    So, to me, they are only thinking about profit. What do you think?

  6. The OLD MAN will go to HELL for lying & Overpricing every products. Apple has ruined the price of phones in smartphone market. Old man please die soon like your predecessor Steve jobs.

  7. Smart phones have replaced cameras and music players and video players for years and now it’s being pointed out? that’s no excuse for an overpriced phone

  8. I'm very impressed by this video. I mean he didn't have the Apple logo coming out of his ears at all…..the whole time.
    So it must be unbiased.

  9. It’s fucked up logic. It shows he is so off the ground when he says 1000 dollar is viable. Every other phone Samsung one plus are doing the same thing. Everybody is trying to create something new and provide all the features of an Apple iPhone. Only coz of the ecosystem is Apple surviving but soon as their laptops are crappy and phones are too pricey other ecosystems will take over and Apple will be doomed. It will be just a service provider company if it continues this path.