Why iPhone XS Max Does not replace iPad Mini!

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Why iPhone XS Max Does not replace iPad Mini! Hello all and welcome to this video on why the Apple iPhone XS Max does not replace the latest iPad Mini 5th generation. The intentions of this video is to put to rest the idea that you don’t need an iPad because you have an iPhone. The iPhone XS Max features a 6.5 inch Super retina display, Apple A12 Bionic, 4GB of ram and iOS 12. The iPad Mini 5th generation features a 7.9 inch retina display, Apple A12 Bionic, and iOS 12!

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  1. The iPad mini is really not for me (I use an 8th gen iPad ) but one I can see for it is gaming because of its smaller size it’s wayyy easier to hold than an iPad full size.

  2. I still use my 6S Plus and I definitely don’t like the rotation of home screen.
    Mostly because the apps get rearranged and many apps open in portrait like YouTube, Facebook, IG so you have to turn it back to portrait to pick a video, then you can go back to horizontal.

  3. I had a hard time choosing between the IPad Air 2019 and the iPad mini 2019, happy I got the Mini..the trade off to a smaller screen is perfect for portrait mode keyboard typing

  4. if you watch a movie on Ipad Mini the size is almost the same with iphone xs max, because of the black bars 🙂 So for watching movies, the ipad mini is not worth it if you have an iphone xs max or iphone 11 pro max😉

  5. I don’t understand . The phone is 6.5, iPad mini 7.9,1.4inches bigger but why the iPad looks significantly larger than the phone ? Almost twice the size of the phone ?

  6. This is my 3rd Mini… What’s that tell you?👍🏽

    Id rather have a mini and a smaller phone than a huge tablet and a huge unmanageable phone that ill never take anywhere…

    I had the bigger iPad but never took it with me. This is miles better than a huge one for traveling alone. I use these in my Jeep for trails when I use a trail map. Its the perfect size. Id like to see a Mini Pro next. 👌🏽

  7. If you're using the devices mainly for media consumption, then there is no huge difference between the two especially when watching 21:9 or 18:9 content. A lot of the Ipad's screen real estate goes to waste with all that letteboxing taking place.

  8. the people who say modern phones are almost as big as tablets have never own a tablet before. It is these people who is killing the tablet market.