Why iPhone's iOS is Better Than Android?

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Why iPhone’s iOS is Better Than Android?

Hey #TechGang
In this video, I am talking about iOS. Well, Many of you asked me why iPhone iOS is secure? What is the Apple ecosystem, What makes ios smooth, Why android can’t match iOS performance? and more.

Similarly, I will make a video! How Android is better than iOS!

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  1. 90% लोगो के लिए महंगा I Phone.. किसी काम का नही… रेडमी का 15000/- का फोन.. 100000/- के iPhone से बड़ीया है.

  2. Hi tech! You have a nice pretty room with so many gadget. When you are givinaway laptops a good price. I need one do you have an extra one in your house! Donate one to me! So many phones! Did you donate the phone or you have a store? I'll be happy with just one price! Thank you!

  3. I use iPhone 5s and it is still good enough from some mid ranges smartphone and in every sense it has only one camera but it performs better than those quad camera and performance is also good . Doesn't matter how much it cost for an IPhone but what u pay there the more u get from there.