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  1. “It wouldn’t make a difference because of the battery’”
    20 seconds later
    “It works on lost mode so your battery last as long as possible”

  2. Apple: Hmm what should I add to iPadOS 15?Let me check the web!
    The web:Why iPad doesn’t have low power mode?
    Apple: Write that down!Write that down!

  3. Hey, there is a low power mode on the iPad. Search for iOS q5 download and click beta profiles. Allow the configuration. Restart. Done love and install. One downside to this is that when I click safari to search, there are two search bars, when I click the first one, safaris crashes.

  4. Low power mode useful when trying to squeeze more battery lifer out of a single charge. Would really be useful on a device like the iPad if it's gonna be a powerful as a PC.

  5. I watch videos like this because it amuses me how things get explained from apple users views

    Like, sure… Don't include a low power mode, that eg. Doubles polling rate of apps, reducing actual battery consumption noticeably because "they are used different"

    Real reason is because developers cost money, and there are plenty other things to implement that are more important then getting compatibility with something

    The USB c thing is even more amusing to me, like seriously… Only reason is because milking apple users is easier if you have multiple cables that can break and, most importantly, have built in drm, to prevent non "certified" (as in Apple tax applying) products
    Especially with the lightning connector, things are funny because it is based on the early Intel design and is, at least to some degree, technically compatible to USBc

    But hey, you cannot make money off of those things

    Why the last port on the iPhone btw will disappear is because the EU forces Apple right now to switch to USBc
    No charging port = no cable for the iPhone
    And you even can sell certificates for your chargers plus support what the EU want then (afterall: make them compatible with non apple devices and require certificates for Apple devices = win win, because now everyone could buy apple inductive chargers for everything, EU ruling is satisfied and more money can be made)

  6. Title : Why The iPad Doesn’t Have Low Power Mode
    Apple : Write that down!
    Apple Devs : Why?
    Apple : That’s our next feature we’ll put in iPadOS 15!
    Apple Devs : Ok!
    iPadOS 15 : hehe boi you are not legally allowed to talk about the ipad not having low power mode

  7. If the iPhones have up to 20 hours of being online, why can’t the iPads have batteries that last like 4 times longer then an iPhone because the battery is about 4 times bigger roughly, and I know the iPad has a way bigger screen but we should still have more then 10 hours

  8. Came here re-comment that this video has aged horribly so fast since this is coming not only to the iPads but to the Macs as well. LOL!