Why YouTubers use two phones (iPhone vs Android)

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The iOS vs Android debate won’t be going away anytime soon, but it should…
iPhone 12 vs Samsung vs Pixel!

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  1. I got both now and I think there's a con to each ** YouTube popout is nice on Android ** and the display on battery life as well as contrast and brightness quality is amazing on iPhone 11 pro max compared to my Google pixel 4a5g .. the battery life on it sucks while gaming around 6 hrs I got a battery case for the pixel now.. wish they had the 5 in a large size.. I mainly got this to play RuneScape 3 mobile it's been amazing with Google fi and transferring my phone number to a new pixel during a return process was easy and seamless … Love Google fi so far but its pricey but for the stuff you get it's amazing ..

    And yeah I do have apple ecosystem airpods apple watch ,ceramic edition series 5& and space gray series 6 and iPhone , I love the keyboard on iPhone alot better … And camera .. wish they had Google fi for iPhone

  2. Honestly, the only country that stuck using iMessage is the US. I understand it’s polished and has lots of features but so many other apps do that too. It’s the overwhelming options when choosing the app that make it such a mess. I just hope some days American can get over the “green” bubble crap.

  3. I really want to use android more regularly but I just don’t trust their privacy or ethics. Sucks because I think it’s a cool OS.

  4. Once again smart phones are not android,thats the operating system,not the phone,its like calling iPhone an ios,phone,sounds stupid doesn't it,smart phone,not android.

  5. I just bought an iPhone 12 Pro and I have an S10 I live in Australia and im trying to figure out how I can use the same number on both phones through call forwarding does anyone have any suggestions?

  6. I agree. Even though I’ve been an iPhone person since my iPhone 5 I can appreciate that what it comes down to is what’s better for the person because both operating systems have something to bring to the table and there’s no objective clear winner.
    A couple of years back, we switched phones with a friend of mine for 2-3 weeks. We were both on flagships so it made a fair comparison and Android was very usable and worked very well, but I still preferred the user experience I get with iPhones.

  7. I am an apple user, but I have used android and don’t hate it. Both do what I need. But I will admit I’m a sucker for iMessage especially in the hospital and only connected to WiFi. But like you said there are apps that can be used that do the same. Maybe I’ll try it one day.

  8. I use both as well. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9, and my iPhone 12. I love using both and it allows me to become familiar with both operating systems.

  9. Everything (and alot more) that the first iPhone had (like multitouch etc) already excisted earlier.. Too bad people forget that or don't know about it.

  10. I’ve bought a 12 pro max purely for the large panel and for watching, sport and films, Apple TV etc. I’m still using my smaller and more comfortable 11 pro as my daily driver.

  11. I surprised you didn't mention Google Voice, where you can make and receive calls and text from the same number regardless of which device. I ported my primary number to Google Voice and it has awesome to use, It also turned my Galaxy Tab S5e into a giant phone. I currently have the iPhone 12 Mini and One Plus 8 Pro. I use the latter in the car as I prefer the interface of Android Auto as opposed to Apple Car Play. Also the bigger screen is more easier to use one handed while driving than smaller Mini. Before you say anything, I don't drive distracted and do not encourage anyone to do so.

  12. And I still don't understand why manufacturers got away from physical keyboard because with a full physical qwerty keyboard you don't have to rely on autocorrect to mess up what you're saying when I used to carry my Blackberry Curve 8330 I look forward to emails and text messaging now as a 36 year old I absolutely hate it because I hate typing on a glass screen I'd rather have that keyboard and all phones nowadays look the same pretty much you go back to when the Google G1 first came out or the Google G2 phones actually work siding different form factors and different looks

  13. I look at it like this it doesn't matter what you use iPhone Android we're even Windows phone if you still have one hahaha I know seriously I think when it comes to the iPhone it's really great for a lot of things like multimedia but I think for most people Android is where it's at because they're cheaper and that's what most people can't afford but anyways I never use two phones at the same time I find that kind of odd

  14. There was a time when I was all about the Google phone with theslide out physical keyboard, and hated on screen keyboards…. I also remember a day when a 4" screen was considered huge 🤣

  15. Great video Jon! I also have two devices, though they are for different scenarios. My Android is my toy: my S20 stays at home most days, and I use it for customization, tweaking things, consuming media, playing games. My iPhone is my tool: I have my iPhone 12 mini on me 24/7, and it’s what I use for reliability, like work, school, communication, camera, etc.

    Both systems are great, they are just great for different scenarios at any time. I wish the iOS vs Android debate stopped, and that both systems played nicely. But, I’ll keep dreaming for now

  16. I use both as well. Daily. I have a iPhone. A Samsung note. And a cheap android. I use the same carrier on all and I share the plan data between them. Doesn’t cost anymore then my plan so why not

  17. I also always use 2 phones one on each platform. At the moment note 20 ultra as personal device and iPhone xs as work phone. Prefer iPhones for the most reliable keyboards for typing out mails error free.

  18. My active device is an iPhone 11 and my backup device is a Galaxy Note 10 Plus that I use over WiFi when my iPhone is charging or I want to use the amazing screen on the Note!

  19. The main reason why I keep an IOS device as well as an android device is because of imessage. A lot of friends and family have iPhone so its easy to communicate without having to use a third party messaging app.