Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9: The Final Showdown

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It’s the final showdown. This is a follow up to a video I made over the Summer called Windows 10 Mobile vs iOS 9: Battle of the Betas. Now that neither OS is in beta anymore, it’s time to compare iOS 9.2 to Windows 10 Mobile.
NOTE: I uploaded this video and deleted it due to a mistake I made editing the video. Thanks for the tip guys!
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  1. this the most stupid thing that i watch on youtube about Comparison between to system because WINDOWS 10 its not a full operating system a need update and some bug fix like from apps and all other things not like IOS dislike

  2. also, you can add individual mail folders to your start screen in windows phone for quick access to your work folders. Exchange mail in iOS sucks and there are no signs of fixing it.

  3. as he said that iphone works great on battery. i want to put a point, i am using lumia 950 xl and iphone 6s plus and will like to review that i need to charge iphone twice a day and on lumia i play games and watch videos and much more that i dont do on iphone but the top point is I only need to charge it once a day and ready to go

  4. yes its the best developing with windows 10 is just awesome and now there is Project Centennial so developers will rock now and yes i forgot the islandwood

  5. I'm totally down to watch an honest review, an d I respect your opinion, but dude this is not a comparison this is you subtly saying that windows is better in every aspect because it is. I do enjoy the depth that you go into in each topic but just a little less bias. good work.

  6. Windows 10 PC will notify you when you have a call and then you can reply via text from the PC. Apple pay is useless since hardly anybody accepts it.

  7. Windows hello is still in Beta remember the fingerprint scanners when they invented how many times they failed to recognize fingerprints.i believe the only problem that iris scanner has for now is the sun light when behind you is the sun almost 95% fail to recognize…Needs work

  8. yo bra you have nerves problems man your hands are messed your eating your finger nails thats nasty keep your hands out your mouth hahaha get a box of chicken.

  9. Great Job, IMO W10 is much better since January. I love the new Redstone Update. I really like the windows 10 Mobile environment. I've never given Apple a shot.

  10. +For the Love of Tech ,
    Yes . Apple does have the upper hand as far as the app count against that of Microsoft's Windows Store but as you noted about the Universal Apps , stick around as older versions of Windows Desktop and Windows Mobile ( 7 and 8 and 8.1 )
    goes in their end of support phases overtime you should see more and more developers crossover into what they call the new
    Universal Windows Platform which you sort of touched on and more apps will appear in the Windows Store as time goes on .
    Welcome to the future .

  11. I was the only one guy with a Windows Phone in my class three years ago. And the same, three years later. And I used Cortana everytime and showed it off to my friends on my Lumia 830 on Windows Phone 8.1 as it was stable and cool. The features like Cortana and HERE Maps and Lumia Camera made my phone stand out of other phones.
    But now…….. Windows 10 Mobile is the worst software I have ever seen. My friends use Cortana, HERE Maps and Microsoft Selfie app in a much better way than me on their Android and iOS devices. The OS became unstable and buggy unlike Windows Phone 8.1 which was smooth like iOS. And not to forget……..the app gap is just terrible now.

  12. In my opinion, I like the iphone better than tan microsoft, microsoft.. You can't really have your MAIN screen, but for the iphone you can. Another reason why I like iphone is that you have more apps to choose from, iphone has an easy name to recognize too. Example: iphone 4 or iphone 5 ETC… But the thing is with microsoft is they make their product's name long as crap. Another thing I want to mention is that apple got a better screen and that there is more space ON the screen, while microsoft is that EVERYTHING IS BEING COMPRESSED. Hoem screen is being compress, basically everything is on the microsoft. The last thing to mention is that microsoft's smart phones are big as heck. Can't fit into pockets easily and has a risk of falling, while for the iphone you can choose your size. So in my opinion.. I like the iphone, or ios.

  13. Almost every big software companies or big companies copy each other. Don't tell me that microsoft is going to be making an microsoft version of the iwatch xD