Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS

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I compare the Windows Phone 7 platform with iOS. I go over everything from design to music players and show you the differences of each. Check out the video for all the details.

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the Windows Mobile OS has a decent amount of apps on the market now and has apps like CoD zombies, angry birds, GTA 3? Does it have most of the big apps on iOS?

  2. I do not know how can you say that windows phone are easier to use than an iPhone, to begin with the windows phone has three buttons to choose from versus one on the iPhone, with w7 phone when you need to find an app you have to swipe to the left and go over the entire list of apps you have (what if you have over a hundred) it might be an ease way to find apps but based on what a saw you have to scroll down to find it, with the iPhone you just swipe t the left you type the fist two letter of t

  3. No it does not have the biggest apps it lacks instagram, and a number of gameloft games no Cod, but don't let that stop you. It let's you play a number of awesome exclusives and the majority give you Xbox live gamer points. Android and ios can't touch the gaming link WP7 has, but you will not have all the same apps as iOS like capcom or bigger titles. My opinion go with ios if you want to play those games or go with WP& which is growing fast and has Xbox live.

  4. WP7 doesn't have an HD Resolution so no HD videos do to the WP7 doesn't support the HD Resolution that is the only thing that is needed for them to fix other than that the OS is solid thats why Windows 8 is made just like the mobile phone OS.

  5. If windows phone got the recognition it deserved, there would be more apps. More apps = even more recognition and a better phone. People are just blinded by how their friends have iphones.

    most people who make these comments have actually not tried from both parties. Do you have a windows phone 7.5? new update for Windows too. Its also kick ass. He is also arguing between a 4th gen iphone and a 1st gen windows phone when it's just released. I agree, he should make a new review.

  6. I CANT TAKE IT! Too outdated.
    There ARE notifcations on iOS lockscreens now.
    There IS an iTunes wireless service iTunes Match.
    There IS a Notification Center for iOS now.
    The REASON that phone has so little apps is because they must all look "cool" and "slidey" and "live updatey".
    Leave strictness of OS to Apple.

  7. the only edge the iphone has now is the music store i don't think anyone is going to buy music now just for the album art.

  8. because android n apple already build a fan base im getting a windows phone coz i have bad experience with androids n if u notice windows phone beats android n iphone like nothing i been checking all kind of reviews and the windows phone always win

  9. Personallly to me i feel like the windows phone is more advanced then the ios.. which i love about it the live tiles vs plain apps thats just one of thie amazing things of it

  10. cause right now the media only portrays IOS and Android as the "Thing" to get same thing how they treat the Blackberry tablet, its just as good if not better than the ipad but since its "Apple" people are going to treat it like its the have to get thing. All OS is awesome but IOS and Android are overrated.

  11. because apple make people think that if you don't have an iphone, you're a loser… and most people need to prove they are not losers, no matter if sounds selfish, but it is true…

    that is the best strategy that ever made

  12. windows phone has always been and will always be a very eye catching ui i never liked wp but im starting to like it ill never sitch to it but i do like it how it isnt alway s just text or icons like the iphone windows phone is doing very good