Windows Phone vs. iOS vs. Android

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Ask the Buffalo: Windows Phone vs. iOS vs. Android

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Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! In this episode, Jon briefly compares Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS against the two reigning mobile OS giants – iOS and Android. Jon R also talks about the recently released Verizon Droid DNA phone.. borderline phablet perhaps? All this and more in this episode of ATB!


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  1. PLEASE do not argue over other peoples opinions, its not nice and it's their opinion if they think a phone brand is better than the other(s). Thank you 🙂

  2. Windows is the besteht for me, Andoid is spy of you and Everybody can makes Apps and so all can sent Maleware on your mobile

  3. Windows is very great! However, there is very little apps that you can have on windows that are on android and ios. Besides the apps, Windows might be the best!

  4. 1st android because it the best and I'm a android Fanboy

    2nd iOS it ok but Apple need to make siri more better but I still like ios

    3rd Windows phone why because it doesn't even have much android iOS apps and that what you get for making fun of apple sometime Google too stupid microsoft

  5. i just realise that the speaking doesn't match up with the mouth movement and when you hear the sound and look at the mouth it sounds and looks wierd

  6. Windows=Started in 2000!
    Ios=Started in 2007!
    Android=Started in 2010!
    Windows came before Ios/Android so shut the heck up if you're a fan of ios/android!=D

  7. Someone please help me.I am going to purchasing MICROSOFT LUMIA 535.I want to ask that this phone works good or not.This will be my first mobile so please give me some good suggestion