Xiaomi Mi 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

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Big-in-China Xiaomi has released its hot new flagship: the Mi 5. And it’s gone all out: all out in terms of performance and design, but with a few caveats for Western buyers, how does it fare against one of the best, the Samsung Galaxy S7?

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  1. please reply to my comment please! i want to buy a samsung galaxy phone but i dont know which "made in china", "made in Korea" or "made in Vietnam" to buy!!!! i don't wanna buy a fake phone please help! which one is original??

  2. Never buy mi products very bad horable and senseless aftersales mi service centers response to costomers. They ask to charge 15000 for repair of a device of Rs 11000 brand new. Chines always Chinese. Go for samsung,apple,moto,htc but never for it.

  3. I`m from spain and I can swear you that LTE works so so fine, actually Mi5 have a very impresive coverage better than the 1+3 of one of my friend, it rivals without problems with the coverage of the s8 of another friend so connectivity ISN`T in any way a problem for the MI5.