Xiaomi Mi 5S Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Comparison

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs Xiaomi Mi 5S camera comparison, with 4k, 1080p, front and rear cameras with low light samples. Which do you think is the best at what and why? The Mi5S is $243.99 with coupon code Mi54GD here:

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  1. My conclusion after watching this is, samsung galaxy s7 is definitely better in terms of camera pics and vids than mi5s. S7 low light, audio and exposure under bright sunny day are far better than 5s. However, I prefer the colour of 5s pictures since it is darker than s7.

  2. Hi TechTablets, would you say Mi5s is the best camera phone under 300$? I could buy it for 270$, do you think it is worthful to pay for that, mi 5 is 220$, leeco le max 2 is 200$ some people say it is better than mi5. Camera is my highest priority.

  3. mi5s have google pixel sony imx 378 sensor, i think if xiaomi fix the software & tune up the camera capture & image processing, it can put a good fight to s7, perhaps leveling with pixel.