Xiaomi MI 5X/A1 VS Redmi Note 4X Speed Test: A Setback for MIUI?[4K]

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Xiaomi MI 5X VS Redmi Note 4X Speed Test: A Setback for MIUI?

Boot time: 0:22
Installation time: 0:28
App loading speed & RAM management: 0:42
Hotshot 2 – Niklas Ahlström


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  1. please, bro please do a camera comparison too because mi5x is launching in India next month and redmi note 4x is already available here, so I definitely assure you that you can get good views and also help us!

  2. Nice video…. I have one question for you. As the global beta miui 9 rom is out, can you do a speed test of both the phones with miui 9 ? You can compare the time taken by both redmi note 4x and mi 5x running miui 9 as well

  3. Hi, can you do the same video after both devices have been updated to MIUI 9? because i saw that maybe in MIUI 8 its RAM management is not good enough, maybe it will become better in MIUI 9, hope you do that video ^^

  4. Wow, I really like your style for reviews and tests, new sub 😉

    Also I'm getting Redmi Note 4X in a few days from Gearbest, maybe it's no the best Redmi Note device, but anyways it's an awesome phone and I don't have so much money 🙁

    I have a question, what Redmi Note 4X variant do you use in your videos?