Xiaomi Mi 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Comparison 4k, Selfies & Stills

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Xiaomi Mi 6 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8 camera comparison with 4k, front camera, rear cameras and low light side by side comparison. The Mi 6 is $385 with coupon XMi4GF here Note: both cameras on auto mode and the 2 x optical zoom wasn’t used in this test to have a similar FOV.

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  1. How much of a difference is there between the cameras ? considering that s8 costs twice as much, Even if the quality is 3/4th of samsung its a good deal.

  2. Everything depends on the sensor and the controller. Xiaomi may have a better lens better sensor but this Samsung has the best driver and nobody sells it. Xiaomi can not do camera software, it's not hardware.

  3. For its price, Mi6 does it FAB! Also it got me suprised at 3:16 doing a so realistic and colorful sight, even the stabilization lacks a bit, worth it! Also the selfie video at the end, only with 15fps? The camera does a much pretty better job than the S8.

  4. Hi Chris, great reviews as usual. Is Samsung S8 camera any better than the s7's? I have Xiaomi Mi5s, overall quite happy but low light stills, and video and stabilization are really not satisfying for me… That's why I'm not upgrading to Mi6… Thinking of getting S7 or S8… Is the S8 worth the price difference with S7?