Xiaomi MI 6 vs Xiaomi MI 5X/A1 vs Redmi Note 4X Camera Test Comparison[4K]

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Xiaomi MI 6 vs Xiaomi MI 5X vs Redmi Note 4X Camera Test Comparison


Color & Exposure: 0:46
Sharpness: 1:26
Dynamic Range: 1:47
Lens Flare: 2:07
Portrait Mode: 2:12
Low Light: 2:22
Stabilization: 2:57
Zoom Range: 3:12
Auto Focus: 3:22
Minimum Focus Distance: 3:38
Exposure Transition: 3:51
4K Video&Audio: 4:12

High Altitude 2 – Jack Elphick
Pulchra 1 – Martin Landh


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  1. I am a Redmi Note 4X user and I'm highly satisfied with its camera, as well as with its operating speed (Snapdragon 625 is an excellent chip), battery life, metal body, shape etc. It is a highly convenient phone for a very low price!

  2. in my opinion, all of the photos are identical. "probably" the hardware/camera is not so different, and the only things that makes them photos look slightly different is the image processing (software)

  3. on video the mi6 its incredible but its the doble of the price of the x5 and triple of x4. you cant go wrong with any of ths phones.

  4. The difference between these phones in terms of hardware is quite minimal, other than Mi6 having built-in stabilization and a little better aperture. The Note 4X can be improved if you don't use the default camera settings and there are recording apps that can provide preprocessed stabilization & focus aligning.

  5. I've a note 4x, and now I'm thinking to upgrade, would you recommend me to jump to the. Mi 6? I consume media and audio a lot. Thanks