Xiaomi Mi 6X – After 24 hours FAQ, Battery Life, Low Light, Vs Redmi Note 5

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Mi 6X after 24 hours. FAQ: Is the Redmi Note 5 better? Or the Mi 6X, which should you get? Mi 6X battery life. RN5 Vs Mi 6X camera comparison Where to buy (Geekbuying) (Banggood)

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  1. Plz xiaomi provide 4000 mah battery , 3.5mm headphone jack and micro SD card support on the Indian version of this phone (Mi A2). Nor it will be a big flop in the Indian market.

  2. I've thought this could be a perfect fit for me. Amazingly almost everything is just fine for me, perfect value for the money from my viewpoint. But the missing LTE Band20 (Europe) destroys that. :/

  3. The 2 millimetres of the camera out of the phone doesnt matter at all, you dont even have to say that, because if you buy that phone you surely gonna buy a cover with it, and with the cover it will be balanced again, so stop complaining about 2 millimetres of camera.

  4. People are complaining about camera bump but I think it looks cool. They are giving a case cover which will probably fill the gap so bump is not a problem. Only problem that I found is no SD card?

  5. Mi 6x aka Mi A2 should be better with bonus NFC feature and 4000mah battery .
    Redmi note 5 pro look better with mi6x body design.
    In my country the difference cost between both is around 60$ With 64G rom-4G ram version .

    I want buy Mi6x It's look slim , have better modul camera , slightly better CPU/GPU . I can tolerating the cost , the problem about no 3.5 jack and the big modul rear camera but the 3000mah battery hold me back…..My phone can't live thround day if I travel in weeken .

    So I will patience , live with bronken phone and hope xiaomi make something more reasonable .