Xiaomi Mi 6X Vs Redmi Note 5 Camera Comparison

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Redmi Note 5 Ai Vs Mi 6X camera comparison. The RN5’s Samsung S5K2L7 12MP 1.4 μm f1.9 camera up against the 12MP Sony IMX486 12MP 1.25 μm f1.75 camera. Where to buy: Global ROM Redmi Note 5 & Xiaomi Mi 6X

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  1. Looks like mi 6x overall has a good camera. But looks like 6x camera smoothes out details on pics. In pic where your face is zoomed in, note 5pro shows more details than 6x. Plus, 6x output pic shows more overall saturation. Amazed by the image stabilisation. Have one question, do any of these cameras have lens breathing problem?

  2. The 6x has the better camera but I simply can't ignore the
    – 4000 mAh
    – sdcard slot
    – 3.5mm jack
    – FMradio
    – and last but not least. a $100,00 difference in price.
    The RM5 is the better overall phone.

  3. For the most part, Mi6x had it. But there were a couple that looked much better on the Note 5. the photo of your face before the photo of your cat in the grass is an example. I could see a lot more detail in your face from the note5. Mi6x seemed to oversaturate your skin. you couldn't see individual pores but you can on the Note 5. Overall though it's defnitely Mi6x, wonder what caused that one to be so different.

  4. Nice Video. A Comparison between S7 and 6X would be cool. Like your Note 5 and S7 Video !

    Could you also do more normal lighting tests like between building. inside of buildings with normal lights on (supermarket, restaurant etc.) thanks in advance. you ve got my sub

  5. I heard that there is dual pixel auto focus in redmi note 5 cn and in mi 6x, there is only phase detection auto focus

    Actually, what is the advantages of dual pixel auto focus?

    Can you explain

  6. Which one do you prefer, who is worth buying note 5 or mi6x when you take all things like price battery camera etc etc ? btw thanks for unboxing and showing xiaomi smartphones, you are doing great job.

  7. i think the mi 6x in the audio is actually trying to reduce the back sound, while the note 5 was capting all the back sound.

  8. If Xiaomi releases the Mi A2 with stock android, I would get it straight away, even though the OnePlus 6 is worth waiting for at this point…

  9. Because pixels the camera mi 6x is better than redmi note 5, and battery redmi note 5 is good 4000mAh. Processor mi 6x is very good Snap 660

  10. Hey man, great comparison, A video request: Full blown comparison with Nokia 7+, as this is the phone that comes closest in terms of specs to the mi 6x…thnx

  11. One other reviewer, life of a gamer or something believes RN5 clicks better low light pics……. Pictures he shared shows this too. Is it a unit problem or what? Really confusing!