Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Wifi Issues | Redmi K20 Pro WiFi Issues | Anyone Else?

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Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Wifi Issues | Redmi K20 Pro WiFi Issues | Anyone Else?

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Do you own a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro or the Redmi K20 Pro, and does it suffer from Wi-fi issues specially when connecting to a 5Ghz wifi network? In this video we show you the Wi-fi issues we faced with the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro.

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  1. I'm planning to buy this next week, but I've saw people getting wireless connection issue! which is major problem
    maybe this could be fix on miui 11

  2. bruh, if you do the 2 speedtests at the same time the devices will try to compete and the speeds will be different, try doing the speedtests indivually

  3. You mention in the video: "…my personal experience with the 9t Pro has been pretty bad", just curious: does that mean your overall experience so far with the phone has been bad, or are you only talking about the experience with the wifi?

    like a lot of people following you recently, I think a lot of us are thinking about getting this phone in the USA (appreciate the band test video too) and since there is no major retailer here we're all getting it different ways with no real friendly 'return' windows, so maybe you could clarify. Has this been your only problem with using the 9T Pro in the USA so far? or are there more issues besides this one to make the experience 'poor'?

  4. Am I the only one here who understands WiFi? You get 10 and 90 on the phones first, then you get 40 and 60.
    If you run it simultaneously that means that you probably got a 100Mbps download internet line…

  5. Hi , I do have wifi connection issues. It drops connection while my poco still have connectivity from the same router. Also is the colour shift of whites in k20 pro towards the warmer side as compared to poco due to the amoled tech. its clearly visible in the video and I have noticed this myself in my units as well.

  6. I have internet issue on my poco f1.
    My both phones are connected to the same wifi but my poco f1 is extremely slower compared to my J7prime.
    Tried downloading apps from playstore, watching YouTube videos,netflix and many more..my poco f1 is too slow..Every Other phone works fine.
    Any fix?any solution?