Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Nokia 6 Speed Test Comparison

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Hello Friends here are we compare speed of “Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Nokia 6“, we open some apps same time in these devices for speedtest.

Xiaomi Mi A1 is sold in India online via
Nokia 6 is sold in India online


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  1. 4G 3G का टक्कर दे रहा है 4जी से करके दिखा मान जाऊंगा तेरा यहां माई से 7 से करके दिखा

  2. Xiaomi is better. Nokias choice of CPUs is bad. Xiaomis choice of SD625 is so much better. It´s way faster and way more efficient at the same time. SD430 is a very bad choice. It has only 1.4GHz and is made in 28nm instead of 14nm on SD625.

  3. Well people may compare speed test but not the overall quality of both the phones as drop, bend, life expectancy etc.

    NOKIA always wins when you compare the overall quality. Look at its finishing and build quality. It's amazing. It will last for more than 7 years without any drop in its build quality.

    Nokia devices receive security updates every month which is most important of all.

    My Nokia 6 fell out of the window of a moving bus and then I had a heart attack but surprisingly it survived without having any sign of scratch on it and worked perfectly.

    That's why it's called NOKIA.