Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 – Which is Fastest?

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Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (Nougat) – Speed Test!
A5 2017 are ultra affordable nowadays – US:

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  1. Some things to take into account, while A1 has the best bang for your buck, the A5 has 3 things that may worth it's high price. The OLED screen is better. The IP68 certification. And Samsung Pay, which if you live South Korea may prove very handy to pay everywheere with your phone.

  2. At 6:54 the A1 reloads the game while a5 has it on it's memory.Also why all the guys who do the speed tests use chrome in non samsung phones vs samsung browser ?Make it fair and use chrome on boths!I never used samsung browser