Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – Which is Fastest?

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200 Euro Phones, Xiaomi Mi A1 vs Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, Which is Fastest?
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  1. Please use chrome in Samsung phones cause samsung internet browser isn't as fast as google chrome . I tested both of them hundred times and I always see chrome is faster than samsung browser !

  2. u are saying mi a1 camera is better f2.2 aperture and 2.6
    samsung j7 has 1.7 aperture which u called trash even j7 pro has front camera aperture is better than mi a1
    soory for bad english

  3. Of course the miA1 would be snappier than the j7 pro because the miA1 is using stock android while the j7 pro is using a touch wiz from samsung. Lol

  4. The Exynos 7870 shares the same A53 cores, albeit clocked at a lower frequency, but its GPU fails it.

    Simply put, the Adreno 506 is better than the Mali-T830MP2.