Xiaomi Mi Max vs Samsung Galaxy A9 Full Review

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Ultimate Comparison of Samsung Galaxy A9 2016 vs Xiaomi Mi Max phablets in camera, performance and benchmarks, speaker, battery life and price.

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  1. mi max camera is better than samsung a9,, samsung camera is always hazy , at present i am using a bad samsung mobile camera…

  2. Bought Samsung A9 in May. Dropped once and broke screen immediately even thought I had tempered glass on it! Cant be fix since only one ebay seller have lcd replacement screen and is not even original. Called Samsung and they said cannot help since A9 was relist for China only yhey have no repairs in Europe. Thank you Samsung! Nice job here…

  3. Nice video.
    Would you be so kind to tell me which camera is better j7 2016 or mi max?
    And overall which phone is better j7 or mi max?

  4. i have mi max and some samsung devices mimax is really cheap but its durablity is not so good and miui software is not perfect than samsung devices