Xiaomi Mi5 VS Samsung Galaxy S7 – Speed & Camera Test!

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New Mi5 64GB VS Galaxy S7 Camera and performance comparison!
S7 has already taken a price cut on Amazon! US –
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  1. I have noticed that, my 10 Mbps connection load pages much faster than your so called 140 mbps connection. And yes i have always 4-5 devices hooked up on it..

  2. are xiaomi mi5 actually 5.1 inch? because the black border? both phone is 5.1 inch but samsung look more bigger because no border around the screen?

  3. вот придурок нажимает на самсунг раньше и говорит сяоми проиграл

  4. your an idiot the time is different on both if the s7 was correct it would be faster web wise as most browsers need the correct time to sync

  5. lol , if you want a simple phone buy samsung , if you want phone that hiding his performance and cheap buy xiaomi , why ? i have rn 3 pro , my rn 3 pro can open 40 apps without reloading , and open game fucking fast , i just change another option in rn 3 pro ( not rooted ) , your not maximize the mi5 , you just doing battle and do nothing in mi5 thats why mi5 lost , btw im not fan of xiaomi , and my parent not rich that can buy me expensive phone , i buy phone with my own money thats why i choose xiaomi hehe , so i think this speedtest not fair , just that , thank you , no hate , peace :v