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We Review the Uber Budget Friendly Xiaomi Redmi 4A. Buy The Redmi 4A Here :
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The Xiaomi Redmi 4A as a budget phone falls under the Rs. 6000 price. The Redmi 4A impresses us with room for more.

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  1. Wtf is up with everyone. Commenting how she sounds or how they can't see her or how Bharat is better. Like dudes, can't u just comment that the vid is fricking awesome. PS – Bharat has much more experience so ofc he's better, but don't truth be told, she's not half bad.

  2. सबसे रद्दी फोन है रीयर कैमरा 13 mp नहीं 2 mp का है और कहने को ऊपर और नीचे 2 माइक्रोफोन है लेकिन वाइस रिकॉर्डिंग इस्पीकर मे कान भी दाल दो तब भी न सुनाई दे

  3. I have Bluetooth connectivity issues with this phone and Sony car bluetooth stereo provided in suzuki swift car. I drive long distances a lot.

    Please suggest me a phone that does not have Bluetooth connectivity issues with car Bluetooth.