Xiaomi Redmi 5 VS OnePlus 5T – Speed Test – Snapdragon 450 vs 835

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How fast is the Xiaomi Redmi 5? This is the ultimate Speed Test between the OnePlus 5T and the Xiaomi Redmi 5, Fingerprint Unlock, Benchmark Results, Apps Launch, and RAM Management.

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  1. Xiomi makes great budget phones but miui ruins their phones for me. It feels very unpolished, sluggish, bloated and they've made unnecessary changes to Android. Also forget about getting major android updates on time (They started rolling out Nougat updates after Google released Oreo! ?)

    Fortunately Rom development is quite good for redmi devices especially the Note series.

  2. Nice, we also need to keep in mind that Redmi5 has MIUI running compared to near stock Android of 5T!

    Just need a similar device with Stock Oreo & USB Type-C! ?

  3. Thank you very much for you video. I bought my Mi 5X because of one of your video. Actually xiaomi phones with MIUI so fast. MIUI 9 has every feature we need so no need to install any third-party applications except some social media applications.

  4. Speed test of launching apps is not correct – because check out their both flash memory speed, you will be suprised. EMMC 5.1 vs UFS 2.1 it's a huge difference.

  5. it can't be 4 times faster because one plus 5t is having higher resolution screen. There are also other factor like the speed of storage access. Antutu score take heavily on CPU and GPU

  6. Xiaomi is always the best brand out there but there cameras are a weak point even in their flagship Mi mix.Hope that they will improve their cameras in 2018