Xiaomi Redmi Mi A1- Dual sim & SD Card Simultaneously-How to use 2Sims & SD Card Same time in Mi A1

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Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter :::Link
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Dual Sim & SD Card Simultaneously on Xiaomi Redmi Mi A1 step by step guide

How to use 2 Sims & SD Card Same time in Xiaomi Redmi Mi A1
How to use Hybrid Sim Adapter
xiaomi redmi mi a1 hybrid sim slot adapter
How to insert SIM & SD card in Xiaomi Redmi Mi A1


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  1. Does the other way of pasting SIM on memory card work here too… I am using this method on my redmi 3s prime and want to use it similarly on A1

  2. Bhai Mera hybrid sim adapter lagane se sim tray zam ho gai hai tray bahar nahi aa rahi Mai Kya karu service center wale bole ki nahi nikal payegi nokalenge to mother board damage ho sakti hai bahi Kal hi phone liya hai help me Bhai..

  3. My mi canvas A112
    Its not accepting memory card and the phone storage its also not working I still have 14.58 available space in phone storage but it keeps showing phone is out of space ,I have done factory setting yet notn happen . what should I do pls
    Pls reply me thanks