Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Review

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is an extremely affordable phablet from a now well-established Chinese maker, offering an eye-catching specs sheet that is chock-full of hardware belonging at the higher end. But do these translate well into the real world, and are there any hidden problems? Watch our review to find out.

For even more details around the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, check out our in-depth review here:

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  1. Di not buy this phone.. I have the redmi note 3g and the Note 2… both have serious Bluetooth problems … especially when you want to make calls through Bluetooth… I have gone as far as installing custom Roms and found that it works… which means it's a software problem which they are not rectifying… I also notice it's got GPS signal issues .. very bad Xiaomi…

  2. Don't buy this phone it has a big Bluetooth problem… the Bluetooth
    does not work… send and receive calls .. connecting to Bluetooth
    speakers … even connecting to other phones… I had the motherboard
    changed and still the same… it keeps upgrading its firmware why? I
    don't know but it makes things worst … Dont buy it…

  3. go awaaay guys I buy it …. its have a very very very super Bad battery . they said 3060m but when you used you believe its 1200m .. the iphone 4 its better more then this phone i swear … never think about this phone

  4. Hiii Could you please help me to buy redmi note 2 prime??? I need some basics information ….First of all how to purchase from online store since this phone is not releasing in india??? Second things whether 4G,3G and 2G indian network will work in this phone ??? and lastly is there any google play store in this phone ???please reply

  5. What other chinese smartphone (or global brand) would be equivalent to this one? A phone that will not have those nasty creeks when you press it or have at least better camera (front and rear facing) ?

  6. I have a Meizu m2 note and it has way more problems than my current redmi note 2. There are screen bleeding issues at the top sides of the display if you used it for too long like gaming for example. Performance is slightly lower, contrast is not as good as the redmi note 2's display and the back cover gets discoloured very easily if you dont use a cover. Overall, redmi note 2 takes the win for me.

  7. as a meizu user, this can be right, as long you're like flyme ui (or don't hate it), the whole experience are better than redmi series. specs are not really important unless you put it on performance mode all the time (& compromise double battery drain). beside if you want compare about same specs, meizu m1 metal can be fair.

  8. The review was good but recommending M2 Note was a joke, even M1 is better than M2 note.
    Meizu Metal on the other hand is indeed better than Redmi NOTE 2.