Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro rotation issue

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Hey guys. For all the people that downvoted my video, I made this as a demonstration for warranty purposes. My intent was not to trick you into thinking there is a solution. There is not. This is a factory defect and cannot be easily corrected. Sorry if you are facing the same problem! 🙁


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  1. This problem happend also with me then I format my mobile but still the problem persist. Then I create a bug report and upload it from mobile.. You will generate bug report from feedback section then it will ask you upload it. You have to upload it. Then wait minimum 1-2 days. I suggest you don't format your phone it will never solve your problem. Also one thing try to check g sensor working correctly from your phone if ok then follow above instructions. Last tips sometimes you have to shake it like throwing your to a sofa-bed. It happen with me. First time I share it..

  2. thanks for uploading I am facing same issue for that I replaced redmi note 3 within 10 days and got fresh new mobile but same issue is coming. this issue is not frequent but it comes once in day or once in 3 days. to make my phone to work normally I have to reboot my device which works fine till one to 3 day and again same issue and again reboot 🙁