Xiaomi Redmi note 4 4GB Ram Vs 3GB Ram , speed test ,Comparison and hands on

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Battle between 4gb and 3 Gb Version of Redmi Note 4 .
Finger print
Antutu benchmark


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  1. wanted to order a 4gb ram but could only find a 3gb redmi, so i'm a lot less disappointed after seeing this video and noting that the difference is not vast, thank you very much for the video

  2. bhai apps kohlne mei farq tooh padeega hee kyuki Redmi note 4 3 gb ram data se connected hain aur Redmi note 4 4 gb ram wifi se connected hain tera wifi connection slow hain aur data connection fast hain isliye 3 gb ram mein apps jaldi khul rahe hain u are doing cheating both the devices should be connected to same wifi connection