Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – Top 5 Features !

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – 5 Things you should know before buying.

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  1. Wtf this phone is practically the same as the old one, same old 20-28nm CPUs instead of the newer more efficient 14nms. All it has is more cores which is absolutely worthless unless you're a mom and don't know anything about phones. I hope the new camera is at least better since that was one of the weakest areas of the old phone.

  2. Bought in Nanjing China ealry last week… then 3 days later it drops 200Y lol.
    Only issue I'm having is now I'm back in Australia trying to get rid of all the Chinese stuff on it that keeps interfering,
    Seems good, Camera lacks clarity alittle. Seems to use 1.2-1.5gb ram all the time so the 3gb prolly doesn't make much of a difference

  3. can you tell me if this phone has a always on back light that you can see if you have an always on clock like lucid daydream screensaver app? with an amoled screen the backlight turns deep black and there's no light bleed at different viewing angles.. one more question. does this work with USA at&t carrier LTE bands? thanks

  4. Hey I have a question. I dont know much about phones from different countries. How would the xaomi note 4 compare to a Samsung galaxy or an lg g vista or the Samsung note?

  5. I need your help please. First hello.
    A few days ago, I used to make contacts shortcut easily and theu appeared on my desktop. Now, it's says that he is writing and nothing appears. Couls you telle me why? Thanks