Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G VS Redmi Note 3G Comparison Review Which one is Better and Why

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  1. Why you repeating the same things again and again in a same video, it's really annoying to see, and also don't show the antutu benchmark, it's worst benchmark, always shows better score for mediatek

  2. Sir i have 1 Question.
    Can we move applications to the external SD card , just like in Samsung galaxy s3 , asus zenfone 5 , etc.
    Please reply mr as son as possible
    Thank you.

  3. It seems you are having moto360 smartwatch! Did you do a review of the same as well?
    How is it performing? Do you suggest to buy it or its not that useful?

  4. hey i had buy recently Xiaomi Redmi note4g faceing problem will recording videos.. i can't able to record videos..  plzz can any one help me to find out is my device is defactive orother r also haveing same issue..

  5. hLo!!!!! plz help me i want to buy this redmi note 3g but where shld i get this product plzzzz suggest me or ….. ? 🙁 in FLIPKART they only has 4g product i need 3g bcoz it is dual sim  🙂 plzz help me !!!!

  6. its a too long video…u shud focus on some key points rather making ur sentences shorter… n why r u always saying the full name of the phone…just 3g n 4g… ppl will certainly understand…