Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X VS Moto G5 Plus

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  1. Tough call for me. I was actually pretty close to getting the G5, but Boost Mobile was playing games about unlocking at the time, so I moved to something else. I feel like that Xiaomi is a steal at $160 though. I like the cool colors that it comes in too. There have been plenty of people who said they had issues getting the G5 to work on several US carriers though.

  2. J really enjoyed very nice Review great comparison between the two.J hold off if are still having issues with YouTube and I am going tell you why.For a while I had no issues with YouTube but I have had 3 updates and I just now realized. I did not have any issues until the updates started coming so don't think it is the phone could be wrong but like I said since they started with first little issues but since the three I am hearing this issue from few people and hope is the only thing that it is.But I would look into it because I am hearing that a few people are starting to have problems as well and hope this is all it is because then they can improve upon it .Thanks again Deb ?

  3. There is all this talk about the Moto 5plus being the best mid ranger….but honestly, I think it because they have not picked up a Xiaomi Note 4x. For the price of the device and what you get, it makes for an extremely compelling package.

  4. For Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, you need to check what type of sensor it is using within Kernel version> 1st option. I've got Samsung sensor but a Sample one which is a great gift from Xiaomi.

  5. Just a correction. The Redmi Note 4X comes with a 4100mAh battery. The battery stats in the app is incorrect.

    Also for camera. You double press the volume down key.
    For flashlight, press and hold the home button while on the lock-screen.