Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – Close look & Performance comparison

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Another really useful test for thoose, who cant choose between this almost the same devices (both versions have 3GB RAM). We made a close look to both of them and also made performance test.

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  1. Anyone. This video shows that note 4x is slower than note 4. So which one is better actually? if i ain't mistaken, note 4x is right and note 4 is left, am i wrong?

  2. i think redmi note4 is better because have 10 cores MTK with 6797 version, much faster than dragon. Anyway red mi note 4 is much much faster than 4X. Antutu say all…

  3. Helio X20 appears to be better but drains more battery and so the question is…

    Does the battery of the Note 4 withstand a normal day of usage (FB, 4G Net, Wi Fi, YouTube) and, still, have enough to be "alive" at the end of the day or should one bet on the Note 4X since it's battery drainage is MUCH MORE efficient?