Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Review After 2 Months – Still an Amazing Budget Phone!

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  1. Xiaomi nailed it again! This is an amazing budget phone. You get techline seal of approval! BUY 128GB Redmi Note 7 for $214 with a COUPON: http://bit.ly/3Note7
    BUY it from Banggood: http://bit.ly/1Note7 . ALL Note 7 models: http://bit.ly/2Note7 Buy 64GB model for just $189.99 with a COUPON: 5BGRN7: http://bit.ly/4Note7

    P.S. The phone does not have NFC. Sorry for making such a big mistake while taking in front of the camera without the script! I just said it automatically lol. Of course, I know that the phone lack NFC!

  2. But I don't have the palms of an NBA Pro player, why dont even the small statured chinese make phones for small people ? This is outraging crime!

  3. My only concern is that the phone's camera is quite bulging out. The phone rests on the camera and the camera can get scratched or damaged quite easily

  4. ALL of the Note 7 camera flaws are FIXED with the free Google GCam app from the Pixel 3. Holy shit the pictures/video look awesome. Try it you'll be amazed

  5. Here is some links to photos taken with the Redmi Note 7. These are REAL, full size photos taken with the Redmi Note 7. The only editing is the info text.

    The bottles were taken on a pallet, so a metre or so from the phone in photo mode.

    They look ok until you make them 100% of size.

    The ones across the room were done in the Pro mode.

    Again, use your favourite photo editor & make them 100%.







    Sadly, VERY unimpressed.

  6. I want to buy this just to play mobile legend cuz i hv another phone which i use to call or contact other people. Is it worth it? I dont like to mix games and and my daily usage apps together. Plus the price is really cheap for the specs it offers

  7. I’m sorry but… the phone you have is not note 7, it’s note 7 pro. You can easily tell it by the 48 megapixel printed next to the camera bump. It’s not SD 660 it’s SD 675. It doesn’t have NFC too.