Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 review

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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 was only recently released and we’re quick to check out its top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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  1. I`ve spent years trying to find a phone that simply does what all phones should do and until this morning have failed!

    Iv`e recieved the Redmi Note 9s today and i`m absolutly gob smacked as camera`s are very good, battery seems great, the speed is very quick indeed with no lag at all, speakers are good, screen is good, easy to use with lots of usefull apps, signal and call quality seems good so i ask myself WHY HAS NO OTHER COMPANY PRODUCED A PHONE LIKE THIS EVEN AT £700 (saying no names oneplus or samsung or motorola lol….ahem).

    If this Note 9s proves to be as good for the next week or so then it`s a win win for Xiaomi and you should be advertising this brand on TV.

    I`ve even tried the oneplus 7t and that failed with signal issues and rubbish battery life so again well done Xiaomi.

  2. I bought the redmi note 9s today, and when I charged it for the first time, at 15 percent, it took my phone more than 4 hrs to fully charge. Anyone else experience smth like this?

  3. Two wrong information in this review 01) Back side is not plastic, it is protected by Conning Gorilla glass like front skin, for information see the review of this phone in Gorilla Conning Glass Official website 02) It has said in the video that it Don't support night mode facility, it is not true i am using it with night mode for couple of days.

  4. I experience that phone for the last 2 months its totally disturbed to me many time it hanged and now when i am posting my views its totally black screen no ring tome on phone, when we are calling on the number the bell is showing to be ringing but the phone is not showing anything. Please avoid to use that telephone.

  5. i like how all these videos are like : pay more money and get the better version…thats kind of a no brainer right? you give more money -> you get better phone . what i was really wondering is how it compares to other phones in this price…

  6. 100% failed device compare to Samsung. In Samsung 16 mp camera Redmi 48 mp is worst in Redmi. Samsung 16 mp is more better than Redmi 48mp camera. You can check even in the night time is nothing.

  7. U keep saying it is subpar than the competition, what is the competition exactly, in this very price range. Redmi note 9 base model is 12k rs, suggest me a better option in the same price.🙄🙄

  8. Why does my redmi note 9 bug a lot, for example, the videos on mi video doesnt play and its very delayed, mostly it crashes. But applications like facebook and youtube, apps which are downloaded works fine. Anyone else has this issue?