Xperia XZ3 – Capturing imaginations with a 6″ QHD+ HDR OLED display

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Explore the beauty of OLED in the palm of your hand with Xperia XZ3:

Come face to face with Xperia XZ3 and a dazzling QHD+ HDR OLED display.
Enhanced by Sony’s BRAVIA® TV technologies, Xperia XZ3 delivers more colour, clarity and contrast in a borderless design thanks to a breathtaking QHD+ HDR OLED display. What’s more, with X-Reality™ for mobile, you’ll see all your favourite videos in a new light, up-converted to near HDR quality.
With Dynamic Contrast Enhancer technology, enjoy stunning contrast in every scene. Plus you’ll marvel at the screen with TRILUMINOS™ display for mobile, producing only the most vibrant colour palette.
Intensified by the pure black of an OLED display paired with the rich, life-like colours and the high contrast of HDR, Xperia XZ3 pushes entertainment to the limit for a truly elevated experience.


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  1. Awesome device 😉 I'm a big Sony fan for yeard now. I made 4 other people buy Sony smartphones and they really love those devices. Any plans for implementing gesture nav bar and Android pie recents into the system?

  2. Price not Cheap, up 700$…800$…. But Used internal memory 64G, Tell me why ???? U never Update.. Other Smart, Have 256G and 512G, why u not have? U will ?…. Good bye SONY…

  3. Sony i think you make best gaming consoles and gaming mobile(if you don't about what's sony's gaming mobile i talk about remote play beacuse you can play your ps4 only on sony mobile at every internret you need inteenet to play it)!

  4. the design is getting more weird. it's like Sony are losing it's own signature. i think you should stop making new phone. just put a "2" in the old phone. example, xperia go 2, xperia sola 2, xperia u 2, xperia v 2, xpera z ultra 2, xperia sp 2 and others. don't forget about xperia tablet too.

  5. There are people like me who are waiting and looking forward to buy xperias even though dozens of cheap chinese alternatives are available so do some reasonable pricing sony, usually xz3 looks stunning just can't buy due to high price love your innovations fellow user of xperia zl which stopped working India