Zach LaVine: iPhone or Android?

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The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Slam Dunk Champ Zach Lavine talks about his favorite phone, the gadget he has to have on road trips, his first time doing motion capture for NBA 2K17 and the one thing he wishes his phone could do.

360 behind the scenes with Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine:

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  1. Wow a console peasant and an iSheep. This guy is a loser and will go nowhere in life. He will make shit money forever. Stupid console peasant and iSheep loser are losers for life. Android and PC is for men and independent women. Stupid console peasant and iSheep loser.

  2. Oh look, someone likes iOS. I better tell everyone how I hate iOS because how else am I going to get attention?

  3. I've used the s3 and the 4s both and it's no surprise that people choose iOS over android. My s3 lasted me 2 years while my 4s has been with me for almost 4 years. Less lag, easier accessibility and no gimmick features

  4. Honestly all famous people use iPhone. If it was made of plastic I'm 100% sure it wouldn't be as popular in the celeb or fam industry.

  5. Most professions use apple products because they're user-friendly and reliable. Pretty much sums it up. Nothing against android. Most of us just don't need all that extra complexity and glitches.

  6. Apple>andro… Nah android isn't even able to compete sorry but android it's just that shit maybe it's in the rank of a toaster, let's see toaster>android that's about right or maybe tv remote>android hmmm in still giving android too much credit should be a lot lower ???

  7. most of these athletes or professionals are not into technology like he said, and Kobe Briant as well, so they only go with what's popular around them. Android is superior to ios