ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Case 4700mAh

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Battery Case, ZeroLemon Slim Power 4700mAh Extended Battery with Soft TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S9 – Black

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  1. you'd have to be a lemon to even consider sticking this brick on a decent sized, light weight phone. how do you know when connect to the power bank it isn't just a pass through? I would use the power bank and use the money spent on the lemon for a case or at minimum a screen protector

  2. Absolutely no front protection though. Are manufacturers stupid? The only protective battery case for the s9/+ is the Mophie, but it's only good for about 35-40% charge.

  3. Great video, Josh. Found this in my recommendations which is weird since I never usually look for battery packs lol. I think from what I remember, the last video I watched from you was for that huge battery by Zerolemon with a custom removable back for the Note 3. Damn I miss those crazy days when most phones could have huge custom batteries!

  4. I think that all this battery cases are useless 😛

    Powerbanks are still more cost efficient than this cases and constantly charging your phone could short the battery life.