iOs is now available on iOS/Apple Devices!

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ANDROID WILL BE HERE IN A FEW DAYS (less than 3 hopefully)

Zombs Royale iOS/Apple App is now available in the App Store.

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  1. Android:hey ios what are you doing? IOS:playin Zombs royale. Android:well i wanna play. IOS:well just go ask. Android: zombs royale can i play. Zombs royale: no IOS is always first. Android: WHY!

  2. why i cant playing i have iphone 5s is this the problem? i open the game and press solo or duo or squad and press ready and she tell me joining this maybe take afew second and nothing happen what is the problem somebody help me

  3. I would really like to see a AI (bot) mode where they act like people but it doesn’t use the internet so that way it wouldn’t lag on the go, but anyways great game 🙂