Android Auto or Apple Carplay, which is better?

With each passing day, smartphones are making our life easier. Whether it’s Android or Apple, both companies have made extraordinary hardware, different software, applications, and digital assistants. Among these applications, the most famous ones are Android Auto and Apple Carplay.  These applications provide you with the best driving experience.

Using these applications, you can connect your phone’s interface directly to your car’s screen and use it conveniently for navigation, entertainment, and communication. But the main question is which application is better? Continue reading to find out the answer.


Android Auto surely leads when it comes to the customization part, but Apple Carplay has a very strong grip over the hardware when it comes to navigation. You can entirely rely on the directions and immediate suggestions by Siri.


Android Auto and Apple Carplay both use USB cables to connect initially.  But a few cars have started supporting the Bluetooth connection, so you can say goodbye to cable rings.  Carplay’s connectivity is limited as it just connects with a few devices that support iOS. Android, on the other hand, is not limited in connections.

Communication and Surfing

Android Auto and Carplay both let you make phone calls, send text messages, and surf through your car’s interface. Both get the job done, but there is nothing as data-driven as Google when it comes to searching and surfing, and here, Android Auto takes the leap.


You can add or remove the apps in Android Auto through the app, whereas you need to go to the settings in the iPhone to add or remove apps in Carplay.

Who Is the Winner?

When it comes to the winner, we can’t choose one because both are amazing applications. However, if you are an Android fan, you can go for Android Auto because it is easy to use. On the other hand, if you want advanced features, Apple Carplay won’t disappoint you.


Android Auto and Apple Carplay both are good when it comes to communication and entertainment. However,  Android Auto takes the lead when it comes to customization, and for the Navigation and Alerts

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