Why Is Alexa The Best Voice Assistant

With the voice recognition and speech-to-text tech going stronger a full-fledged digital assistance apps are now our reality. Alexa being the superior assistant has been serving the users a great amount of deal when it comes to saving time and effort. Over the past five years, there have been many updates and fixes to Alexa, and the best thing about it is that it keeps getting better. Let’s see why Alexa is the best voice assistant one can get.

Voice and Command

Alexa works with all accents and gets acquainted with multiple users. It is always active and one command away. It literally has answers to all your queries, and it comes up with suggestions and searches right away.


Alexa was first introduced as an entertainment medium for android users, such as finding music, playing music, and managing playlists but eventually, it became a full-fledged digital assistant. But considering the entertainment part, it supports all music services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. It also comes up with new music suggestions and recommendations.

Meetings and Reservations

Alexa is one of the best assistants when it comes to booking a table at the restaurant or fixing up a schedule for an official meeting, all through the voice command with sheer efficiency.

Ordering Food

Alexa acts as a very efficient bridge between food and you as it comes up with restaurants that deliver around your region, and it efficiently orders food for you considering you need an energy refill that is good food.

Calling and Texting

Alexa makes it very easy for you to dial calls and send texts to your contacts with minimal physical communication.

Final Words

From ordering food to fixing meetings to calling to entertaining, Alexa is possibly the best voice assistant that saves you time, effort, and energy. All you command at a fine note of your tone.

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