Best 10 Mobile Apps For Navigation

There are several Mobile Apps now that will help you track down the place you want to visit.

Let’s have a look at the ten best mobile navigation apps.

Google Maps

This app has to be at the top of the list whenever it comes to navigation. It’s the most widely used navigation app across the globe.

  • Helps you to track down several routes
  • Tells about different modes of transportation
  • Real-time ETA
  • The only thing it lacks is the social sharing option.


  • Gives crowdsourced traffic information
  • You can see accident reports to find better routes
  • It can dry up your phone’s battery fast.

Apple Maps

  • Multiple resources like temperature and air update.
  • Has a unique 3D flyover display
  • The only problem is that you can’t access the app while offline.

Scout GPS

  • Offers turn-by-turn navigation and speed updates.
  • Gives suggestions on social places
  • The basic version of the app is free, but the premium version is paid, which makes it lose some points.

Enroute Route Planner:

  • Unique features such as updates about road curviness.
  • You can drop pins on the desired locations to make your route.
  • The only problem is that its free version only allows up to eight routes.

Here We go

  • Provides traffic updates even when you are online.
  • You can save frequently visited places to ease out routes.
  • The app may contain ads that may cause hindrance in a smooth user experience.


  • Uses colorful, bright maps for a visually appealing user experience.
  • It can be used offline.
  • Limited features in the free version are the only problem with the app.


  • An offline app that works with data connection as well.
  • Some unique features include voice guidance and lane guidance.
  • The paid plugin shows international resort locations.

Maps. Me

  • Offline app with features such as voice navigation and rerouting calculations.
  • Gives real-time access to nearby places.
  • The app runs on ads, so if you don’t want pop-ups, you need to pay for removing ads.

Copilot GPS

  • Works well for in-car navigation; not suitable for pedestrians.
  • You can find desired locations even in offline mode.
  • The premium version of the app is not free.

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