What Is A QR Code Everyone Is Talking About?

These days whenever we go to any supermarket to buy groceries or some other stuff, Or we go for some online shopping, we always get to see these interesting-looking patterns everywhere called QR Codes.

Ever wondered what they are and why they are important, or how do you actually use them?

In this article, we are going to clear it all up for you.

What Does QR Code Mean?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. Although, when you first glance at them, they might seem like some interesting ornamental patterns, they have a lot of data stored in them. They help the user with information about the product instantly, giving it the name of Quick Response Code.

What Are They?

Well, you may call it an advanced version of a barcode. Just like a bar code may help the customer with information regarding a certain product similarly, QR codes provide the information quickly to the customer. They are a kind of a square pattern, and it’s mostly unique to different products.

Are Bar Codes & QR Code Same?

A lot of people think like that, but it’s a myth and a misconception. A bar code can only be read in one way, and that is

  • From topside to the bottom side

However, a QR code can be read in two ways.

  • Top to bottom
  • Right to left

This means that a QR code has more capacity to store the data, and they are more useful than the bar codes.

How Do We Use A QR Code?

A lot of smartphones have a QR reader app built-in. You have to open that app and point the camera towards the code, and all the information will come on your mobile screen.

Uses Of QR Code

  • It helps to track genuine products.
  • It is a great marketing tool.
  • It has been used in tracking Coronavirus as well.


All in all, It’s surely one of the greatest inventions in the modern world that has made things a lot easier for customers across the globe.

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