What will the Future of Phones Look Like?

Gone are the days when the phones were to make or receive calls only. Now the pocket-size gadget encloses your whole life; your past, present, future, life struggle, plans, aspirations, and whatnot. Since its inception, the magical device has been blowing our minds with its advanced features. Nobody knows what the future holds for them regarding phone technologies. However, here are few echoes anticipating what the future of phones looks like.

How Would A Future Phone Look Like?

Number of Rear Cameras

Now that many people use smartphones with multiple cameras, what can you expect more! How much difference would the addition of five, six, or ten rear cameras make? Not much! Megapixel count is the real thing. Nowadays, 108 Megapixels phone cameras are easily accessible. Scientists believe that humans with perfect vision can see about 576 megapixels. For future phones, the manufacturers may strive to reach this maximum range.  

Foldable Phones

Bend it like Beckham! Here it is not about soccer but foldable phones. Although some leading phone companies have already dived into the venture; but, the outcome was not much impressive for the price and technical caveats. Smartphones are on-the-go computers so, people want these gadgets to be small in size and big in function. Hopefully, in the coming years, many people may use flawless foldable phones.

Holographic Displays

While imagining future phones, one might wonder if we even use phones in the future. The idea here is of beaming virtual displays to perform tasks or a display on a pair of glasses before your eyes. It is like combining the real world with the digital world. Just imagine your favorite band’s 3D hologram performing in your lounge. Many phone companies are working on the idea. However, the foolproof application of the technology requires further research.

More Reliance on Voice Assistants

The increasing progress in NLP (Natural language processing) and AI (artificial intelligence) may result in more interaction with voice assistants. Through future phones, you may have improved digital and voice interaction with technology. AIs like Siri and Alexa would be of much greater use. 

5G or 6G

After 3G, 4G, 5G, what to expect next? 6G would be the best internet. The fast and furious broadband cellular network with maximum data support and security would be highly compatible with AI.


What will the future of the phone look like? No one can put imagination to an end. Every day comes with a new development that results in the better evolution of the phones to facilitate every generation.

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