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The Digital book revolution is happening right now and it’s a great time to join it. All you need is an ebook reader. Ebook readers have an e-ink screen that allows you to read for long periods of time without hurting your eyes due to radiant LCS screens. Their battery life is usually very long and their screen is not affected under the strong sun.
The most popular ebook reader is Amazon Kindle but there are a lot of other models on the market you can choose from. So let us take a look at what to look for when buying an ebook reader and what are your best options.

Screen size and type

Ebook readers usually use monochrome e-ink screen. It looks a lot like paper and it’s easy on your eyes. Basic models don’t have built-in light so you need additional light to see the text, just like with the ordinary magazine or book. more advanced models have edge lighting built in and let you read also in the dark.
Most of the ebook readers have 6-inch display, usually with 300 pixels per inch screen resolution. There are some exceptions with larger screens but that affects ebooks portability.

Most of the screens are black and white but in the last year, we’ve seen some color ebook readers arriving on the market. These are especially suitable for comic books as they can give you the same experience as the real thing.

Wireless connection

Most of the ebook readers have built-in wi-fi which is enough for most of the users. Some high-end models have built-in 4G cellular data that enables you to add ebooks on the road but that is not needed for most of the ordinary use.

Where will you get your boks?

Choosing an ebook reader means choosing the ecosystem you will use in the future. Amazon, B Barnes & Noble, and Kobo all protect most of their books against copying to other brand e-readers. So if you choose one of theirs readers you’ll be stuck to buying books from them. some of the models allow you to add library apps to it to borrow books.

In the end, you must take all of the things into consideration and choose one that will suit your needs the most.

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