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The battery in most of the modern smartphones is big enough to last an entire day with average use. But if you use your phone much more, for example for gaming, GSP, videos… your phone’s battery will drain much quicker. There are many chargers and charging accessories that can help you avoid the fear of a dead phone. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have to ensure your phone will be ready for use around the clock.

Charger brand

Most of the phones have a charger in the box but that’s changing in the last few years. If there is no charge in the box then you’ll have to buy it separately. You’ll have a choice between buying a third-party charger or one from the same brand as your phone, the so-called first-party charger. One of the advantages of first-party chargers is that they are built for the specific phone or line of phones and you shouldn’t have any problem choosing and buying the correct one. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of variety when buying the first-party charger. Usually, there is just one model and that couldn’t be good enough for your needs. In that case, it’s best to look at third-party chargers where you can find almost anything you like. Due to a lot of options is good to take a few things into consideration when buying a third-party charger:

  • check through user reviews on sites like Amazon
  • check return policy in case the charger wouldn’t work with your phone like it should
  • check review sites for recomendations

Type of chargers

When choosing a charger you should decide what type you would like to have. Wall chargers are plugged directly into the power outlet while some desk chargers sit on the desk with just a wire connected to the power. You must also decide how many ports do you need. If you have multiple phones or devices then it’s more convenient to have just one charger with multiple ports.


Chargers differ from one to another from how much power they can give to your phone and how fast they can charge it. In general, a better supply means faster charging. But that is usually limited in the phone itself so you should check your phone’s recommendations for fast charging to determine how powerful charger you need.

Wireless chargers

There are two types of wireless chargers, pads, and stands and preference for one depends totally on you. If you’re gonna have a wireless charger on your desk then a stand wireless charger might be a better choice. You should also look at how fast is a wireless charger you intend to buy as some support fast charging while others don’t.


When you’re on the road, away from home or car and your phone is running out of juice, power bank is a useful accessory to charge your phone. They can have different connectors, battery capacity, and output voltage. Which is best for you should be decided based on the phone you have.

Car charger

When you use your phone for navigation in your car the battery goes out much faster. So it’s recommended to connect your phone to the car charger. There are many different models and you should choose one based on your requirements. Do you need one port or two? Do you need fast charging or not?

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