Alexa vs Siri – An Epic Battle Of Assistance

Alexa and Siri are both digital assistants designed and owned by Amazon and Apple, respectively. Alexa works with androids, and Siri works with Apple devices. Both are in-built apps made to assist the users digitally with severe efficiency. Both of the digital assistants take commands through voice or text. By voice, it doesn’t mean a specific voice, accent, or language. The apps are built to keep track of the accent and language, and it gets used to the ways of the user pretty fast.

Alexa and Siri can respond to queries, serve entertainment purposes, make calls and texts on command, confirm meetings, take notes, send emails, schedule texts, and whatnot. Alexa was first introduced for entertainment purposes but later was repurposed as a full-fledged assistant. Both Alexa and Siri have gone through major updates in the last five years to get shoulder to shoulder, but they still have many differences that separate them from each other. Here is a list of some major differences:

1. Speakers

Alexa’s Homepod is weaker in strength than Siri, which is equipped with Homepod along with seven beam tweeters and extra-ordinary woofers.

2. Compatibility

Alexa has very flexible compatibility as any device supporting Alexa can be controlled with the smartphone, whereas Siri is only limited to Apple devices.

3. Third-party apps

Alexa has thousands of apps that can be installed in it to enhance the operations, while Siri has just started to allow third-party apps, and they are very few in numbers.

4. Commands

Alexa is ever ready to take commands even with the word ‘Alexa,’ but Siri needs to accustom to the user’s voice to act on it. Alexa can also take commands from different voices, whereas Siri needs individual voice recognition to work multiply. 

5. Presence

Alexa’s presence is minimal as compared to Siri, as Siri is available on all Apple devices in almost 20 languages.

6. Home Entertainment

Alexa connects with all supporting devices to provide entertainment, while Siri is limited to Apple monitors and TV to connect with. 

Conclusion Alexa and Siri are both royals when it comes to digital assistance. If we talk about entertainment, customization, and connectivity, Alexa is very accommodating, but when it comes to capability, speakers, languages, adaptation, and technology, nothing beats Siri. Both are individually experts in different genres.

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