Do You Need an Antivirus on Your Mobile?

Our mobile phones contain sensitive information. From our card numbers to passwords, phones store almost everything that can fit inside them, making smartphones a perfect target for hackers. While our laptops may come with built-in Antivirus programs, our mobile phones still need some protection, and our login passwords will not do much. 

Can Our Mobiles Get Viruses?

Now many people may find it difficult to understand, but our mobile phones can also get viruses. It is relatively easy. People can link a virus with any website link or message, and when you click it, what happens? The virus enters our device. Similarly, many apps contain viruses in them which can enter our devices when we download them.

Which Antivirus is the best one?

Anti-virus programs are built differently for different problems. You need to know which application will work best for you. Some of the best Antivirus programs are listed below:

  1. Norton Mobile Safety app 
  2. Avast mobile security
  3. McAfee
  4. Google play protect
  5. Lookout Security and Antivirus

What does an Antivirus app Do?

Antivirus apps filter any unwanted or suspicious link. They detect any virus which may hide in apps, links, or photos and tell us when it is safe to open that specific file. It also filters newly downloaded apps to see if they are safe to open or not. They scan, detect, and then delete the virus from our mobiles and make it safe for us to browse as much as we can without worrying about safety.

Benefits of Using an Anti-virus

There are many benefits of using an Antivirus on a mobile phone. Some of them are:

  1. Protection of documents and data inside our mobiles
  2. Detecting and deleting any virus
  3. Scans suspicious messages and links
  4. Blocking spam and ad messages
  5. Deletes any threat to our smart devices.

Final Word

Even if you think your mobile password will save you from viruses and hackers, you still need to download an app that alertly scans and deletes any threat directed towards your devices. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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