Best Budget Phones of 2021

Let’s be honest, these flagship phones from Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei are expensive, and most of us cannot afford them. These phones are getting more expensive every year so we shouldn’t worry about that and get something within our range.

If you’re someone who needs a new stylish phone on a budget, then read this article.

Google Pixel 4A

The Google Pixel 4A is a decent phone. It comes with a 5.8-inch OLED HD+ display. It also comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB expandable storage. The processor is the Snapdragon 730G which is perfect for a low-priced phone.

Moreover, the 12MP rear and 8MP front cameras take epic shots with Live HDR+ and Super Res Zoom. The price is set at $350, which isn’t bad for a Pixel phone. 

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is one of the most affordable iPhones you can get. It has a smaller screen as compared to other iPhones with a 4.7-inch screen. You get the powerful A13 Bionic chip inside, which is the same as in other high-end iPhones. 

The rear 12MP and front 7MP cameras can take beautiful portrait photos with Smart HDR and dynamic range. You can also enjoy Touch ID, Apple Pay, wireless charging, and water resistance in this budget-friendly iPhone SE. 

Its price starts from $399.

Galaxy A32 5G

You wouldn’t believe it, but Samsung has a budget phone for you that also supports 5G. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a bright OLED 6.5-inch screen. It also provides you with a capable processor like Dimensity 720.

To top all of that, Galaxy A32 has quad rear cameras for picture perfection. The ultra-depth, zoom and ultra-wide cameras take your photos to the next level. Moreover, you also get 4GB RAM and 64HB storage.

The price starts from $292, and the batteries inside are great.

Moto G Stylus

If you want a cheap Galaxy Note alternative, then buy Moto G Stylus. It comes with a stylus-supporting 6.4-inch screen, Snapdragon 665 processor, 4GB/128GB with triple rear cameras for the best photos.

The 4000mAH battery complements the $300 price range it comes with.

These were some cheap 2021 phones you can buy to get yourself going this year.

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