Is a Linux Phone a Reality?

1) Do You Know What’s an iPhone? 

2) Do You Know About Samsung Galaxy Phones? 

These two questions weren’t that hard, right? Almost everyone in the world that has even the slightest interest in mobile phones must know about these two brands.

However, If you are someone who is somewhat a Tech Geek, do not worry at all. We aren’t going to start the ios vs. Android debate out here. ( cough cough )

Moving on with the discussion, do you have an Idea about Ubuntu Phone? No?

You must have an Idea about LIBREM 5??

Well, we know that there won’t be too many readers out there who would know about these two phones, and that isn’t a surprise, to be honest.

Who’s The King Of The Jungle? 

In this world of capitalism, it’s all about who is ruling the market. For the time being ( and foreseeable future ), your iOs powered IPhones and Android Based Phones are sailing their ships smoothly.

But that wouldn’t stop entrepreneurs and developers from trying new things.

Why Can Linux Mobiles Change Everything For Good? 

In recent years, we have seen a rise in questions regarding the safety and data security of the users of Androids and iOs mobile phones. It is an interesting topic, and if we do some research, we can easily find out how these giants are selling our data to third-party agencies and, in return, getting the revenue by ads and data usage.

To cater to this gap in the market, developers for a long time have tried to develop a Mobile phone that is based upon Open Sourced Software to put these privacy risks to bed.

There have been several mobile phones that have been placed on the market up till now, but no matter how interesting the idea of a secure Mobile Phone seems, Linux Phones are still not setting the market on fire because of the number of complications that come with these mobiles being based upon an Open Sourced Software. 


To conclude, Linux-based Phones are a great Idea and a work in progress that will surely make a big impact in the future of Mobile phones and are surely a reality. For now, however, iOs and Android-based Phones are the Kings of the Jungle, and no one is challenging them.

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